St John’s School, Baldock ‘Care for one another’ and ‘share’

St John’s School, Baldock, ‘Care for one another’ and ‘share’ in recent school visit from CAFOD.

Year 6 – Microphones of God

Year 6 – Microphones of God

St Johns Primary recently welcomed Tania Dalton from CAFOD’s Latin America Team who shared her experiences of the work of CAFOD partners in El Salvador and Peru as part of their current RE project on building the Kingdom of God and putting faith into action. Continue reading

EVENT: Romero Mass, 15 August


Oscar Romero was officially recognised as Blessed on 23 May 2015 in El Salvador and on the 15 August, Romero’s birthday, there will be a Mass to celebrate the Beatification of Oscar Romero at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark at 12:30pm followed by a reception in Amigo Hall. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate.

Oscar Romero was the Archbishop of San Salvador the capital of El Salvador in Central America. Born in 1917, Romero lived in a time of great oppression and violence which caused him to become committed to the poor and speak out against injustice. It was this commitment that caused Romero and many others in the church to become targeted.

After years of persecution and threats Romero was assassinated on 24 March 1980. Today, Romero is remembered for his courage, his faith and his refusal to give up his love for the poor. ‘Many’ he said, ‘would like the poor to keep on saying it is God’s will for them to live that way. But it is not God’s will for some to have everything and others to have nothing. That cannot be of God.’

Oscar Romero’s memory is a source of strength and encouragement for millions of people throughout the world.

If you would like to commemorate Romero in your own parish, there are some resources on the CAFOD website that might help you. You can access them by following this link:

This includes:

  • Posters
  • A reflection
  • Prayers of intercessions

For more information about CADOD’s work in El Salvador visit 

Rising Again in El Salvador: exploring the Life and Thoughts of Oscar Romero

Romero Day Group Photo

More than 60 volunteers gathered together in Cockfosters to explore and reflect on the life and thoughts of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, and to learn more about life in El Salvador today from two special guests.

Leading the morning was Julian Filochowski, Chair of the Archbishop Romero Trust and former Director of CAFOD.

Julian Filochowski speaks about Archbishop Romero's life

Julian Filochowski speaking about Archbishop Romero

Julian explored Archbishop Romero’s life nearly in reverse; speaking first of the dramatic moments of his martyrdom, and playing for those assembled a recording of the final Mass Romero celebrated. Julian then spoke about how Romero lived, working for peace and a preferential option for the poor in a country “pregnant” with civil war, and how both in his own time and the present day, he continues to live on through his thoughts and teachings.

During the afternoon session, everyone had the chance to learn more about CAFOD’s recent work in El Salvador directly from two of the members of CAFOD’s Connect2 community.

Fidel and Erasmo

Erasmo (left) and Fidel (right) answering questions, with Tania of CAFOD’s Latin America Team (centre) translating.

Fidel, a farmer who worked to set up a farmer’s cooperative in the community, and Erasmo, a CAFOD partner with the Jesuit Development Service (JDS) who has been working to setup fair trade shops and small business, told how, by working with CAFOD, they have been able to improve the lives of everyone in their community. Among the many projects implemented was a community seed bank which works to conserve native varieties of seed, and projects to help improve the diet of people in the community.

The two men spoke strongly about the connection they feel with CAFOD supporters in the UK, and how this solidarity keeps them going through hurricanes, earthquakes, and civil war.

“You are like stars. Although far away, you always seem so close.”

Though an ocean apart, the two communities shared a powerful moment of solidarity by praying together during Mass. Speaking in both Spanish and English and led by Fidel and Erasmo, the congregation prayed together with the following prayer written by the Puentecitos community:


Show me the pain of those who are most troubled

So that I can learn about the suffering of my people

Grant me the courage to serve others

Because in surrender there is eternal life

Illuminate us with song and celebration

And raise the Spirit amongst us

May the Spirit flower and grow

And give us strength to continue our struggle

May we remember those who have died from injustice

Because for us they have given their lives


More information on Archbishop Oscar Romero is available at the Romero Trust website. You can learn more about Fidel, Erasmo, and the Puentecitos community on the Connect2: El Salvador blog.

Connect2 is a way to build worldwide solidarity and deepen our links in the UK with a community overseas. You can choose not only to connect to El Salvador, but also to Brazil, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Cambodia. More information on Connect2 is available on the CAFOD Connect2 Webpage. If you’d like to sign up for Connect2, contact CAFOD Westminster: 0208 449 6970 or