St John’s School, Baldock ‘Care for one another’ and ‘share’

St John’s School, Baldock, ‘Care for one another’ and ‘share’ in recent school visit from CAFOD.

Year 6 – Microphones of God

Year 6 – Microphones of God

St Johns Primary recently welcomed Tania Dalton from CAFOD’s Latin America Team who shared her experiences of the work of CAFOD partners in El Salvador and Peru as part of their current RE project on building the Kingdom of God and putting faith into action. Continue reading

Father Peter Hughes Talks | July 2017

Hear from Father Peter Hughes, an enlightening response to Laudato Si’.

Father Peter Hughes Laudato Si CAFOD

Father Peter Hughes

Father Peter Hughes will be hosting 3 inspiring talks on he Church’s response to Laudato Si’ and teaching us more about the Church’s work in Latin America. At the special campaigns event where you’ll hear from Father Peter Hughes, an Irish Columban priest from County Mayo who has spent most of his life as a missionary based in Lima, Peru.

The three talks will take place on the following dates:

One Climate, One World – Thank you for attending the London campaign launch!

Thank you to everyone who helped CAFOD launch our new One Climate, One World campaign on Saturday!


On Saturday, CAFOD supporters from Westminster and Southwark came together with the Southwark Justice and Peace network to officially launch the new campaign, which aims to draw attention to the increasing challenges faced by developing communities as a result of climate change. They were joined by CAFOD Partners Jesy Romero and Adan Pajuelo, from Peru, who explained the ways in which climate change is affecting their work to ensure communities have access to fresh water for drinking and farming.

Jesy Romero and Adain Pajuelo

Jesy Romero and Adain Pajuelo

“I think we need to change the way we think,” said Adan. “I think industry is the greatest polluter. And those of us who don´t generate much pollution, we are the ones who suffer the most. When the glaciers melt, we are the ones who are going to suffer. Industry should invest where climate change will have greatest impact. When the glaciers melt, we won´t be able to grow corn, carnations or potatoes. This place will become a desert. And where can we go? Everyone else will be in the same boat.

If we can restore the lagoon with rainfall and change our irrigation systems, so that we use less water and produce more, that will make a difference. I think we need to prepare ourselves now and not wait for things to get worse. We can learn how to farm with less water and produce more, using irrigation techniques.”

Find out more about One Climate, One World >>

Thank you again to everyone who helped us launch our campaign, and to all those of you that have signed campaign cards, written to your MPs, organised events, or gotten involved in any way.

As part of the new campaign, CAFOD is calling on party leaders to use their influence to take action on climate change before it is too late.

Take action by joining CAFOD’s online petition now! >>

You can also encourage others to take part in the offline petition using One Climate, One World campaign cards.

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View other pictures from Saturday’s event below: