Finchley Catholic High School Fund Mother and Baby Clinic

A massive congratulations to Finchley Catholic High School for funding a mother and  baby clinic in Guatemala.

We would like to thank Finchley Catholic High School for being an inspiration to us all. Over the last 2 years students from the schools current Year 12’s were able to fund a mother and baby clinic in Guatemala.  Continue reading

Our Lady of Dolours Hendon Parish 200 club Contribution Success

CAFOD would like to thank Our Lady of Dolours Hendon Parish 200 club for entering CAFOD into their prize draw, assisting CAFODs fight against poverty.

This month through the Parish 200 club, CAFOD won 1st prize which was a prize £100. Their donation of £100 could fund the purchase of a cow to support a community in Ethiopia. A cow is four gifts in one for a struggling family. Its manure can help grow crops, its milk can supplement a family’s diet, plus any extra milk can be sold at market. What’s more, any calves can be passed on to help another family in the community. Through CAFOD your donations pay for a locally – sourced cow, its jabs and training for the family, so that they can look after it correctly. Continue reading

CAFOD World Gifts – give a gift with a difference this Christmas

Ahmad and his family - Syrian refugees

CAFOD has supplied Ahmad and his family, who are from Syria, with mattresses, blankets and food

As autumn draws to a close and we approach December, we are reminded that Christmas is on its way with all that means in terms of preparation.  We will meet weekly for our Advent reflections in our small faith sharing communities, begin our culinary arrangements and start thinking about the presents we will offer to our loved ones as reminders of what they mean to us. Continue reading