All will be welcome at the Westminster Diocese CAFOD Memorial Mass

Remembering past friends of CAFOD…

CandlesDuring November, the month of remembrance, we take time to pray for those who have died and give thanks for loved ones who have made a deep and lasting impression on our lives. 

Over the years, CAFOD has been blessed to work alongside the kindest and most committed friends any charity could hope for. The insight, faith and strength of our founders and early supporters still shape our values and way of working today.

But one of the saddest aspects of growing older, as individuals and as an organisation, is that some of our closest friends have passed away in recent months and years. In our own diocese, we have lost a number of friends who have played an inspirational and important role in our work.

Some may be familiar names, such as inspirational parish priests, or parish volunteers who have organised events and rallied local support for CAFOD campaigns. Many more will be men and women who’ve gone about their busy lives but also quietly found time to offer love, practical support and prayers to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities. Ordinary men and women who have made an extraordinary difference to people’s lives.

So, in celebration of our inspiring friends and as a small token of our appreciation for their years of kindness and dedication, CAFOD Westminster is holding a Memorial Mass.

Everyone is welcome

All are welcome to join us, whether to remember fellow CAFOD supporters or members of your own family, friends and community who have passed away. At our Memorial Mass, you can take precious time to remember your loved ones, knowing that you’re among friends.

Add a name to our Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance will be presented and blessed by the celebrant at the Mass. If you would like to add a name to this list you would be very welcome; whether or not you can attend the service itself. Please get in touch with our Volunteer Centre at or by calling 020 8449 6970 if you’d like to know more.

ChristTheKingRefreshments will be provided after the service, so we hope you will be able to stay for a little while to speak with other local CAFOD supporters and staff. It would be wonderful to see you at such a special event.

The Mass is being held on

Wednesday 7 November at 11am

The Church of Christ the King, 29 Bramley Road, Oakwood, N14 4HE.

OakwoodMapChrist the King is easy to get to. Take the Piccadilly line underground train to Oakwood Station and either walk from there or get a 307 bus towards Barnet Hospital. The bus runs past the door. Click on the map for an enlarged version.

Papal Blessing given for over 30 years of Volunteering for CAFOD

blessingMary Tempany has received a Papal Blessing, given in Thanks for her CAFOD volunteer activities. For over 30 years, Mary has dedicated her time to helping tcertificatehe most deprived people in the world through her work as part of the CAFOD Holy Family Friday Group, in Welwyn Garden City. They have raised almost £100,000 for CAFOD since they formed in the 1970’s.


Mary’s Parish Priest Fr. NoThreeDaughtersrbert Fernandes was joined by three members of the CAFOD group Bridie Nash, Sandy Leys, and Linda Finn and Mary’s three daughters. Fr. Norbert led a short communion service before Tony Sheen, our Community Participation Organiser, presented Mary with the Papal blessing certificate.

Unfortunately Mary is in I’ll health but our prayers are with her. She was delighted to receive this special blessing from Pope Francis, particularly well earned.

Hearing the Cry of the Poor

Sister Clara inspires CAFOD volunteers this Harvest


Sister Clara, from the Sacred Heart order, raised the spirits of nearly sixty people when she addressed an information meeting at the Cockfosters Regional Office. Speaking with great warmth and clarity, she explained the difference that CAFOD had made to the lives of thousands of poor people in her home country, Zambia.

At a time time of great need, when challenged by the calamities of the AIDS epidemic and rapid climate change, her sisters had tended the sick and dying. In the early 1990s, and with CAFOD”s help, they built a community school for orphans and other vulnerable children which had enabled them to master practical skills to support themselves, and their families, and continue their education. With the introduction of life-saving retroviral drugs, CAFOD was continuing to support projects which restored to people with the disease, self esteem and confidence through training in skills and know how. They had won a livelihood and were being empowered, thanks to the generosity of Catholics in England and Wales, through CAFOD.

The Church in Zambia, rooted in the lives of the poor, had been the first major voice to raise alarm about climate change. For decades before 2003 the vital rains came to Zambian farmers precisely on October 24 every year. Since then there has been no pattern in the timing or the quantity of the rain, and last year the late arrival of floods had ruined the harvest. With CAFOD’s help ZamSrClarabian farmers were switching from growing maize to growing pumpkins, which were better suited to the new conditions.

Sister Clara said that her order had a record of tackling problems that others would not. They had been first to provide schools for girls in Zambia in the 1950s. Then they had gone against the  mindset of the times by opening schools for children with special needs. With the help of CAFOD they were giving these people, too, livelihoods and confidence in the future.

The inspirational account given by Sister Clara, and the great warmth of her gratitude to the CAFOD volunteers, who made up nearly all of her audience, was the perfect rallying call as the Harvest Family Fast Day, on October 5th, becomes the focus. If any further encouragement was needed Tony Sheen, our Community Clara&groupParticipation Co-ordinator, told the volunteers that the magnificent sum of £4.274,million was being used at that very time to bring relief to people whose lives were in jeopardy because of the typhoon in the Philippines and the floods in Kerala. CAFOD was extending not hand outs, but a helping hand to people who had shown, and would show, that they could overcome devastating problems and assert their strengths and dignity. Sr Clara’s words reminded all present what a privilege it was to help in their victory over adversities.

Find out how you can support CAFOD this  Harvest here