Nepal Earthquake – The Big Give matched funding goal reached!

Thank you very much to all that have shown their support for people affected by the Earthquake in Nepal by contributing to CAFOD and the DEC’s emergency appeal!

CAFOD partners Caritas Nepal are supporting earthquake survivors by distributing food and providing shelter. Credit: Caritas Australia.

CAFOD partners Caritas Nepal are supporting earthquake survivors by distributing food and providing shelter. Credit: Caritas Australia.

Thanks to your incredible response, the goal for matched funding from The Big Give has already been reached! More than £39,000 was donated by CAFOD supporters, which will be matched pound for pound.

This is fantastic news, but our partners still need your support as they work day and night to deliver aid to people who have fled their homes. Over 6,000 people are now reported to have died as a result of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday 25 April. Thirty of Nepal’s 75 regions have been affected, many of which are in rural, mountainous regions. Our partners are on the ground providing food, shelter, supplies, clean water and sanitation.

Donate to our Nepal Emergency Appeal online

Although the matched funding limit has been reached, every penny of your support counts. You can still donate online through the CAFOD website, or call 0500 85 88 85 to make a donation over the phone. And remember, if you are a UK taxpayer you can make your donation go even further at no extra cost to you by using Gift Aid!

Thank you again to everyone that has donated so far. Please keep the people affected by this disaster, and those working to provide help and support, in your thoughts and prayers.

A prayer for people affected by the Nepal earthquake (download)

Your donations to CAFOD’s Nepal Earthquake appeal doubled by the Big Give!

Your donation doubled! Your gift to CAFOD’s Nepal Appeal can be doubled, thanks to the Big Give. The Big Give will match your donation, pound for pound, thanks to generous major donors and trusts who want to support the relief effort.

Donate to CAFOD’s Nepal earthquake appeal and have your gift matched £ for £


The earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday 25 April has had a catastrophic impact on the lives of millions of people. There is urgent need for food, water, shelter and emergency supplies. Hospitals, schools and homes have been destroyed, and water and sanitation services have been cut off in remote areas. Many have lost their homes, their possessions and their means of making a living.

CAFOD’s partners are on the ground, working around the clock to provide life-saving aid to injured and homeless families. Please donate today and help provide aid to thousands of people in desperate need.


When you give online to CAFOD’s relief work in Nepal​, the Big Give will match your donation, pound for pound. The Big Give is a portal for charities and donors, and Match Funding is one of the ways they aim to encourage charitable giving. The matched funding comes from philanthropists and major gifts supporting emergency aid in Nepal by matching online donations to charities like CAFOD.

Donate to CAFOD’s Nepal earthquake appeal and have your gift matched £ for £

Donate to the Nepal earthquake appeal

More than 2,000 people in  have died in a powerful earthquae in Nepal, with many more feared trapped.

Please donate to our Nepal earthquake appeal


CAFOD has pledged an immediate £50,000 to help our partner Caritas Nepal respond to the 7.9 magnitude earthquake which struck between the capital, Kathmandu, and the city of Pokhara. The Disasters Emergency Comittee (DEC) – a coalition of leading aid agencies, of which CAFOD is a part – has also launched a joint appeal.

Fr. Pius Perumana S.J, Director of Caritas Nepal, who is in Kathmandu, said: “It was the worst earthquake I have ever experienced in my life. The aftershocks are still strong. The indications so far are that this is a major emergency.

“Lots of houses have fallen down and there are lots with cracks. Thank God it was during the day and on a holiday as many people were outside when the quake happened. Rescue is the first priority. Lots of people have lost their homes and are out on the street or in open spaces, so we will be looking to provide them with food and temporary shelter.”

Caritas Nepal workers distributing tarpaulins.

Caritas Nepal workers distributing tarpaulins.

How can I help?

Please click here to donate to our Nepal earthquake appeal

Just £7 can provide a family with water for a week, while £35 provides tents to shelter 15 families and £70 can buy enough rice for 10 families for a month. Please click the link above to make a donation to our appeal online, or call 0303 303 3030.

Please keep the people affected by the earthquake, and those working to respond to this emergency in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayer for help

Almighty God, in our distress and grief
help us to remember that you love us.

We do not understand why this great disaster
has happened but help us to trust you.

Loving Lord, for those who have died, give them eternal rest
for those who are bereaved, comfort and console them
for those who are hurt, heal and strengthen them.

Lord God, enable us to help our suffering brothers
and sisters in whatever way we can.

Heavenly Father be with us now and always.


Diana Sutherland, CAFOD supporter

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