Meet CAFOD Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator Michael Walsh

Get to know CAFOD Campaign’s Volunteer Michael Walsh!

Michael Walsh New Campaigns Co-Ordinator

Michael Walsh New Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator

“My name is Michael Walsh and I have been a supporter of CAFOD throughout my adult years.  My involvement deepened from 2008 when I became a volunteer at the Diocesan office over the Church of Christ the King in Oakwood and this year I became a Volunteer Campaign Coordinator in the Westminster Diocese. I am a parishioner at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George, Enfield and have given fast day talks there on several occasions. This fundraising is crucial for CAFOD to reach poor communities round the world to help people like Nicanora in the Altiplano region of Bolivia and Florence in Northern Zambia and their families become self-reliant and the Catholic community in the Diocese always responds generously. ” Continue reading

Volunteer Experience: Meet CAFOD Volunteer John Mooney

Meet CAFOD Volunteer, John Mooney, who has been instrumental in campaigning against Poverty and Injustice!

John Mooney attending the Climate for Justice campaign march

John Mooney attending the Climate for Justice campaign march with Tony Sheen, Kathleen Nyland and Rosemary Dalton

John has been an active Campaign Volunteer both in his own Parish of St John Vianney, West Green Road , Tottenham as well as in neighbouring Parishes in the Haringey Deanery over 13 years.

John has done great work making his own Parish the first live simply parish in the Diocese back in 2013, check out our blog! Continue reading

Volunteering Experience: CAFOD Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator Miriam

Get to know Miriam who is the new Campaign Volunteer Coordinator for the Westminster diocese.

“My name is Miriam McEneaney and I would like to introduce myself as your new Campaign Volunteer Coordinator.  I am a parishioner at St. Lawrence’s Parish, Feltham.”

Miriam McEneaney

CAFOD Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator Miriam McEneaney

“I have supported CAFOD Lent and Harvest Fast Days for a number of years.  It was following an Understanding CAFOD day in the Westminster Diocese in January 2013 that I really got involved.”

“My parish hosts regular CAFOD coffee mornings but I could never attend because of work commitments. It was at one of  Understanding CAFOD days that I learnt about being a campaign volunteer. Becoming a campaign volunteer was perfect as it is something you can blend into your life.”

“I also became a MPC (MP Correspondent). You write to your MP about three times a year. It does not take up a huge amount of time but is very productive. I feel passionate about CAFOD’s campaigns and really believe that together with raising awareness, we can connect the poor to the powerful.”

Thank you Miriam for everything you’ve done for CAFOD and we very much looking forward to working with you in the future!

Have you been inspired by Miriam’s interview? Would you like to find out more about becoming a campaigns volunteer for CAFOD? Check out our website to find out more.
How to become a CAFOD Campaigns Volunteer