Parishioners in Westminster share Brazilian families’ joy after campaign success

Thank you CAFOD Supporters!

#FicaMauá – Let them stay

#FicaMauá – Let them stay

Thanks to the parishioners from across the Westminster Diocese who were amongst the 4,000 people to support a CAFOD petition, to express our solidarity with1,000 people in São Paulo.

We are delighted to report the community at Maua will approach this Christmas safe in the knowledge that they no longer face eviction from their home.

In September 2017, CAFOD launched a campaign to halt the eviction of around 1,000 people living in the abandoned hotel in the centre of São Paulo, Brazil. Continue reading

There is still time to organise Power to Be Campaign in your Parish!

Fr Chinedu signing a Power to Be campaign card

Fr Chinedu signing a Power to Be campaign card

Approaching the end of the Church’s year with the precious space in the parish newsletter long since committed to notices about schools admissions, special Advent services and carol concerts, it was rather a tardy, hurried and speculative notion to have CAFOD’s Power to be card signing in my Parish last weekend. The issues were complex. The goal of the exercise was clear enough: it was aimed at helping poor people to gain access to electricity, but it involved asking the World Bank, which was already doing this, to change its policy so that the overwhelmingly carbon dependent projects were replaced by power production through solar and other renewable schemes. And we also had to announce that we were handing out CAFOD World gift catalogues that weekend too!  Would that be too much even for our CAFOD- friendly priests to announce in the notices? Would it be lost on the people? Continue reading

Enfield Parish Fairtrade event – Calls on Sainsbury’s to reintroduce their Fairtrade Tea.

Beena Cakes

The Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George Enfield organised their annual Fairtrade Parish Event last Sunday 5th November after all Masses.

Parishioners and volunteers set out a variety of stalls promoting the importance of Fairtrade. Stall holders included CAFOD, Traidcraft and Oxfam.

The event simultaneously promoted CAFOD’s current campaigns in particular the Sainsbury’s campaign.

Fairtrade aims to change the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fair deal for farmers and workers in developing countries where producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future.
Making simple changes to the food we buy and choosing products from Fairtrade companies bearing the Fairtrade logo is one of the ways we can make a positive contribution to alleviating poverty.

Coffee with CAFOD

Fairtrade Logo

Recently Sainsbury’s have abandoned Fairtrade certification on some of their own-brand tea products and replaced this with their own scheme instead, known as ‘Fairly Traded’.

CAFOD is calling on supporters to write to their local Sainsbury’s in support of the re-instatement of their Fairtrade tea.

Signed letters were collected from the Parish and local community and will be presented next week to the local Highlands Village branch of Sainsbury’s in Southgate requesting the re-instatement of Fairtrade tea in their product line.  46 letters in total.

For further details of our Sainsbury’s campaign, please click here

Furthermore, an additional 99 signatures were collected for the Brazil Maua Petition and 31 Power to be Cards signed.

Those who attended were also treated to delicious freshly baked homemade Fairtrade cakes on the Cakes stall which raised £40.  The CAFOD stall also raised donations.

Angela Traidraft Stall

A big thank you to all who attended and for your continued support.