EVENT: 45 days to CAFOD Family Fast Day 23 February

Join us to find out more on Saturday 20 January.

Lent Fast Day 2018

Lent Fast Day 2018

Please come and join us at our Lent family fast day briefing on Saturday 20 January to hear a first- hand account about our work in Zimbabwe and how we are helping children like Svondo have enough healthy food to eat, and therefore prevent malnutrition.

You will also hear the exciting news that the government have agreed to match any fundraising for the family fast day appeal up to £5 million, so we need to ensure that every parish in the diocese is aware of how important their support is. So please come and hear more about this project and help us to raise £5 million.

Our Lent briefing will take place on Saturday 20 January from 10am – 12.30pm at St Mary Moorfields, Parish Centre, in the basement, 4-5 Eldon Street, London, EC2M 7LS.

At the briefing you will hear about how your generous donations have made a difference to Marian from Zimbabwe and her two sons Tawanda and Svondo. Her older son Tawanda lived his childhood without enough to eat and often went hungry. Marian told us that when she used to leave him to find work in the morning she would come back later to find him sitting in the same place as he didn’t have the energy to move. When Tawanda was a teenager Marian had her second son Svondo. He is now seven and has been brought up on fresh vegetables, beans and peanut butter. Marian was supported to be able to grow enough to feed her family by the local Catholic diocese who is one of CAFOD’ s partners. So this Family Fast Day we are reaching out to other families like Marian’s to help them grow enough healthy food to feed their children.

During the meeting we will also give you a preview of our new 2018 Campaign called “Share the Journey”.

You can book place using the following Eventbrite line here.  Please e-mail westminster@cafod.org.uk or phone for further details 0208 449 6970.

We look forward to seeing you.

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