Chiltern Chamber Choir Fundraising Success

Well done to the Chiltern Chamber Choir, the concert was lovely!

Thank you to the Chiltern Chamber Choir and all those that attended the concert held on the 11 May. Through the evening of sacred song the choir was able to raise over £1000 for CAFOD, thank you!

Chiltern Chamber Choir

Chiltern Chamber Choir

During the course of the evening the choir, comprised of 50 people, sang sacred music which spanned the centuries.  The music ranged from pieces such as Crucifixus by Antonio Lotti (1667-1740) to 20th century choral music from composers such as Benjamin Britten.  The director of music is Adrian Davis, who founded the choir over forty years ago, and the organist Jonathan Lee.

The money raised from the concert will help those living in extreme poverty to reach their full potential, regardless of religion or culture, by equipping them with the skills and opportunities to live with dignity, support their families and give something back to their communities. Find out more about the communities CAFOD works with across the world.

CAFOD supporter and organiser of the evening, Mary Harris, said: “We in the choir are fortunate enough to live in a part of the country where we want for little, so to be able to give a little to those with far greater needs through singing is both a privilege and a joy.  I am extremely grateful to Adrian Davis, our director, and Jonathan Lee, our organist, as is Father John.”

CAFOD representative in Berkhamsted, Tony Sheen, said: “It is a wonderful testament to the generosity of the people of Berkhamsted, and the parishioners of Sacred Heart, that they were able to raise such a fantastic amount of money just from donations.  A huge thank you to the Chiltern Chamber Choir, Adrian, Jonathan and Mary for all the hard work and effort they put in to making the evening a success.”

Thank you once again to everyone involved in the concert, it was truly a delightful evening.

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