Students proud of their teacher’s marathon success!

A couple of months ago we posted a blog about R.E. teacher Rita Remis from Kilburn, who was using the enthusiasm of her students to help her keep to her demanding training schedule for the London Marathon.  We can now report that Rita has run the marathon in a fantastic 4 hours and 1 minute, and raised over £2500 for CAFOD in the process!

Rita Remis and medal v2

Rita and two of her students from Sion Manning girls school

Students at Sion Manning Girls school, where Rita teaches, have been supporting their teacher in her marathon preparations over the last 16 weeks.  By sticking her training schedule up on the classroom wall students held Rita accountable and ensured she kept to her training plan.

Rita also used her marathon running experience to link it with the period of revision that students are now entering.  She gave an assembly to Y11 on how her training for the marathon involved dedication, sacrifice and hard work – the kind of traits pupils will need to draw on to succeed in their GCSEs.

Rita said:

“I don’t think any of my students realised how big a deal the marathon was until the 23rd April and afterwards I had students asking if they could run a marathon too.  I never gave up and I think that in six months time, after training even harder, I’ll be ready for another one.”

Rita Remis post marathon

Rita with her medal after finishing the marathon

One student said:

“I feel inspired because you don’t normally get your teacher saying ‘Oh, I’m going to run a marathon’, so I think it’s really amazing that she’s done one!”

From all of us here at CAFOD Westminster, we’d like to thank Rita for her amazing efforts to raise money for those in need, and to all of those who have supported her by donating.  We’re very grateful you ran your first marathon for CAFOD and wish you luck in all the miles you run in the future!


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