Volunteer Experience: Meet CAFOD Volunteer John Mooney

Meet CAFOD Volunteer, John Mooney, who has been instrumental in campaigning against Poverty and Injustice!

John Mooney attending the Climate for Justice campaign march

John Mooney attending the Climate for Justice campaign march with Tony Sheen, Kathleen Nyland and Rosemary Dalton

John has been an active Campaign Volunteer both in his own Parish of St John Vianney, West Green Road , Tottenham as well as in neighbouring Parishes in the Haringey Deanery over 13 years.

John has done great work making his own Parish the first live simply parish in the Diocese back in 2013, check out our blog!

His Parish is also a Fairtrade Parish and hosted many Global Justice related events.

John Mooney with Elizabeth Carey promoting our Lent campaign

John Mooney with Kathleen Nyland promoting our Lent campaign

John has also be instrumental in organising CAFOD petitions since Make Poverty History back in 2005. These have included campaigns such as: Third World Debt Cancellation, securing the 0.7% Aid Budget, as well as, the campaign against pollution by the extraction industries and the current Climate Change Campaign.



John has organised these activities in his own West Green Parish, as well as in other parishes in the Haringey Deanery such as: Stamford Hill, Tottenham and Wood Green.

Mariantha Fomenky and John Mooney 2

John Mooney with Mariantha Fomenky celebrating the Live Simply award

He has also been involved in encouraging others in the Parish to join him lobbying his local Tottenham MP David Lammy on behalf of CAFOD.

Thank you for all you do for CAFOD John, you are an inspiration to us all!

Join our latest campaigns and find new ways to put your faith into action. Read our CAFOD campaigns Q&A to find out why and how we campaign.

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