School teacher from Sion Manning running the London Marathon for CAFOD

CAFOD supporter Rita Remis uses the enthusiasm of students to support her marathon efforts.

Long standing CAFOD supporter Rita Remis has hit on the novel idea of enlisting her students’ help to keep her marathon training on-track. Rita , who is running the London Marathon for aid agency CAFOD, has been using the support of her students at Sion Manning Girls School, Ladbroke Grove to help her train.

Aiming to run the marathon in four hours – a time made by only 25% of runners – has meant that Rita is following a challenging training programme.  By sticking her training schedule, comprised of 64 runs, up on the classroom wall students are holding her accountable. 

Rita Remis training for the London Marathon fundraising for CAFOD

Rita Remis training for the London Marathon

When she completes a run, students can tick it off, something they have been able to do every training day; Rita has yet to miss a training session, despite the fact she is a full-time teacher and also studying for a masters in Contemporary Ethics at the University of London.  Rita has also blown up a map of the marathon course and students have been marking on the route where they will stand to support her.  One student said: “I feel inspired because you don’t normally get your teacher saying ‘Oh, I’m going to run a marathon’, so I think it’s really amazing that she wants to do one!”

Another said: “I think that it’s great Mrs Remis is taking time out her week to help others in need.  Mrs Remis, you rock!”

The wider school community has also been very supportive. Rita is selling falafel wraps from The Cedar Restaurant, Maida Vale, to staff every week and has also set up a tuck shop for teachers, where she sells cans of coke to caffeine deprived teachers.  These weekly endeavours, alongside one offs such as a champagne raffle and an own clothes day, mean that Rita is set to raise around £2,000 for CAFOD.

Rita said: “The kids have been absolutely fantastic, really engaged.  They’re always asking me how my training is going and wishing me luck.   I’m confident in my training and fundraising because I know I’ve got an entire community behind me.

It’s also not hard to convince anyone to donate to CAFOD – a charity which recognises that the climate crisis and poverty are not separate problems, but actually one big social issue.”

To donate to Rita and to find out more about her training efforts please click through to:

Thank you Rita for all you do for CAFOD! Good luck with the marathon!

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