St Mary’s RC School Welcome the Outsider

CAFOD Schools Volunteer Peter Spreckley’s visit to St Mary’s RC School Royston is an educational inspiration to us all!

CAFOD Cross Welcome the Outsider Prayer

Welcome the Outsider Prayer

Well done and thank you to our CAFOD Schools Volunteer Peter who visited St Mary’s RC School in Royston, as part of CAFOD’s work on the Year of Mercy and especially thinking about the corporal work of mercy of ‘Welcome the Outsider’.

Interview: All about Peter
Please tell us a bit about yourself.
“I’m a member of St Hugh’s in Letchworth…we got a notification through the parish newsletter. I’m a fairly new boy on the block, I’ve not done that many (school visits), but what I have done, not wanting to appear appear immodest seem to have come out pretty good!

CAFOD Schools Volunteer Assembly Refugee Lampedusa Cross St Mary's Royston

CAFOD School’s Volunteer Peter Spreckley presenting assembly to St Mary’s, Royston students

I think that’s in the main because of the fantastic training that one receives and I think that it is something that needs to be highlighted, that through the various training days that one takes part in and the accreditation, …you do learn a lot more about CAFOD.”

As part of the assembly Peter was able to inform the students about who CAFOD is and what it does! The students also learnt about the Refugee Crisis, the Year of Mercy and the Lampedusa Cross through a range of CAFOD resources.

What did you find most inspiring about the visit?
“I’m learning, and it’s been a lovely journey, the kids are fantastic and if you can, stand up in front of them, whether it be in an assembly or in a class, get them to participate, it’s amazing what they come out with.”

St Mary's Students with CAFOD Volunteer Peter Spreckley

St Mary’s Students with CAFOD Volunteer Peter Spreckley

Was there a particular aspect of the resources that you thought resonated with the children?
“The film, in the PowerPoint …you need variety, you need the kids coming up to the front of the hall and participating. All the children in the assembly took part in a quiz on refugee statistics.”

Check out more of the CAFOD resources or get one of our amazing CAFOD Schools Volunteers to visit your school – contact the CAFOD Westminster Volunteer Centre by phone: 0208 449 6970 or email:

What would you say to fellow Schools Volunteers or supporters thinking about becoming a volunteer to encourage them?
“Well, it’s a really rewarding journey. An experience not to be missed.”

Thank you Peter for inspiring the next generation! CAFOD Westminster would also  like to thank all the lovely staff and students who took part in the assembly, we hope with your new knowledge you will inspire your friends and family to write Messages of Hope to the refugees throughout the world. Click here to write your own Message of Hope to the refugees.

Become a CAFOD Schools Volunteer! Contact the CAFOD Westminster Volunteer Centre by phone: 0208 449 6970 or email:

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