St Gilda’s Junior School Prove Small Change can make Big Change

St Gilda’s RC Junior School, Stroud Green prove that the smallest of change can make the biggest of differences.

Thank you to St Gilda’s RC Junior School, Stroud Green for collecting an amazing £604.64 this Harvest Fast Day for CAFOD.

CAFOD Pyramid Collection box small change can make a big change

CAFOD Pyramid Collection box

St Gilda’s RC Junior School was able to fundraise for CAFOD through the CAFOD Pyramid Collection Box, proving that even the smallest of donation can be the greatest of helps to CAFOD.

Your gift to CAFOD goes a long way. We work with partners across the world, wherever the need is greatest, so you can be sure that any donation you give makes a real difference to people living in poverty. Find out how you can donate by visiting the CAFOD website.

CAFOD Westminster Fundraising St Gilda's Harvest Fast Day

CAFOD Westminster Office Volunteers counting the money from St Gilda’s successful fundraising


CAFOD Westminster would like to thank all the children and their families for their generosity to CAFOD and well done to our dedicated team of office volunteers, who counted and bagged up all the coins!

Are you inspired to fundraise for CAFOD


Organise a fundraising event or get involved in your parish and help spread the word. Your donations make a huge difference and fund many vital projects.

Let us know how you’re fundraising for CAFOD by contacting our CAFOD Westminster Volunteer Centre, Tel.: 0208 449 6970 or Email:

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