CAFOD Westminster Speak Up!

Last Friday CAFOD Westminster volunteers were joined by other interfaith constituents of Enfield to lobby Conservative MP David Burrowes.


Speak Up lobby- (Left to right) Michael Walsh , Tony Sheen, Conservative MP David Burrowes, Christine Allen, Billy Lynton, Harfiyah Haleem and Louise

As the winter winds set in, there was no stopping a group of Enfield interfaith constituents from lobbying their Conservative MP David Burrowes as part of CAFOD’s Speak Up campaign.

The group was formed of: Harfiyah Haleem (Islamic Foundation For Ecology And Environmental Sciences and Palmers Green Mosque), Tony Sheen (CAFOD), Michael Walsh (CAFOD volunteer and Parishioner of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George), Ellen Wright (Parishioner of The Church of Christ The King and CAFOD volunteer), Christine Allen (Christian Aid and St Monica’s Palmers Green Parishioner ), Louise (St Paul’s Church) and Billy Lynton (Green Party).

The group took the opportunity to raise their concerns about climate change with MP David Burrowes. 

The meeting began with asking David Burrowes to write to the Secretary of State for Business, Engery and Industrial Strategy Greg Clark,  to congratulate him on the rapid progress of ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement. Resulting in David Burrowes informing us of the governmental intention to complete this by the end of the year!

We took the opportunity to urge David Burrowes to help the world’s poorest people, get access to the energy services they need to transform their lives, by  asking for more than the current 15% of the DFID Aid budget (Department for International Development) to be spent on energy support.

The discussion progressed across a wide range of topics including the agreement that climate change is affecting the poorest most severely and that unfortunately the number of climate refugees is likely to increase if nothing is done immediately to help save Our Common Home

Christine Allen (Christian Aid and St Monica’s Palmers Green Parishioner) helped lead the next item within our brief, of what we wanted to achieve and raise with David Burrowes through the lobbying. The ask was to urge David to write a letter to Greg Clark and the new Chancellor to provide a coherent and reliable plan for investing in renewable energy, including local Community Energy. The aim of this ask is so that businesses can go ahead and do the necessary work to bring about the Paris Climate pledges and move away from fossil fuels.

CAFOD Speak Up Enfield interfaith constituents successfully lobby Conservative MP David Burrowes

Enfield interfaith constituents lobby Conservative MP David Burrowes and Speak Up for climate change

Michael Walsh (CAFOD volunteer) and Billy Lyton (Green Party) expressed their concern regarding the air quality in London.

In addition, Harfiyah Haleem (Islamic Foundation For Ecology And Environmental Sciences and Palmers Green Mosque) inquired about the Hinckley Point power station and the motion David Burrowes supported recently  to go ahead, emphasising that the investment would be better spent on renewable resources which are already providing a larger percentage of UK energy than this power station .

To demonstrate how CAFOD has been promoting renewable energy, we discussed the Live Simply initiative and switching to ecotricity  and how through these opportunities CAFOD is helping more communities to go greener.

“The discussion with David Burrowes was really insightful and I am optimistic that we will be able to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement.” (CAFOD Volunteer Ellen Wright)

CAFOD Westminster would like to thank everyone who has taken park in the Speak Up campaign, and to thank David Burrowes for taking the time to listen to the concerns of his constituents.

Email your MP and Speak Up for investment in renewable energy that reaches the poorest people.

Did you lobby your MP as part of our Speak Up campaign? Tell us about your experience by emailing CAFOD Westminster at: or call 0208 449 6970



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