St Columba’s continue their Bike Riding Success

On Sunday the 25th June, 24 students and 3 staff members of St Columba’s RC College embarked on a 45km bike ride around the Hertfordshire area.

Thank you to the staff and students at St Columba’s RC College for their recent fundraising bike ride for CAFOD and for their continuing support to CAFOD, bringing hope and compassion to poor communities, standing side by side with them to end poverty and injustice.

CAFOD Fundraising Bike Ride St Columbas

St Columba’s Bike Ride 2016

The weather started out bright and hopes were high, but with 2 crashes and 3 punctures within the first miles, it’s almost as though the fates were against the cyclists. Nevertheless the band of merry cyclists in CAFOD vests ploughed on. The terrain cycled, was that of derelict railways, mud tracks and nicely paced public cycle paths.

CAFOD would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff and students for is ongoing support, with this year’s event marking the 10th consecutive year of the bike ride. So far the event has raised over £600 for CAFOD! Find out how you could make a difference with CAFODs World Gifts, which can make a difference to the communities of world.

As the group reassembled from lunch, the heavens opened, and the ponchos and rain macs came out. However, with the majority of the course completed, the cyclists made it through the rain, mini lakes and pools with only a few injuries to show for it.

Despite all the obstacles, the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the day, “27 of us went on a bike ride, all friends and together we raised money that we know will go to help others who need it more than us. It made me wonder why things like this don’t happen more often.” (Quote from Gus)

Feeling inspired by the staff and students at St Columba’s? Why not organise a bike ride and turn it into a sponsored event? Set up a sponsorship page on JustGiving or download your sponsorship form.

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