Fantastic fundraiser runs the Olympic park for CAFOD’s Ethiopia Appeal

Thank you so much to our fantastic fundraiser who ran 2km around London’s Olympic Park, to raise money to help provide food and seeds for farmers in Ethiopia, for our Ethiopia Food Crisis Appeal. 

On 17 July, Emma ran the Olympic Park’s 2km fun-run to raise money for Catholic charity CAFOD’s Ethiopia Food Crisis Appeal.

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Fundraiser runs around the Olympic Park for CAFOD's Ethiopia Food Crisis Appeal

Emma celebrating her fantastic run for Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, more than 10 million people are in dire need of food, clean water, and basic sanitation. CAFOD is already responding to the crisis through local Ethiopian partners.

Emma’s Mum said:

“When Emma heard about the emergency in Ethiopia she immediately said she wanted to raise money for CAFOD! Her aim was to raise £83 which would provide a farmer enough seeds for a year, instead she raised nearly £200.”

Read about how seeds and grain is helping farmers in Ethiopia

The 2km fun-run encourages children, aged 5-18, to get excited about sport. It is an exciting build up to this year’s Olympics in Brazil.

After hearing about Ethiopia’s food crisis in a school assembly, Emma decided to take part in the run and help the people of Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia’s long rains are due in a month’s time and CAFOD is supporting farmers with seeds as they prepare their land. Yet, even if normal rainfall occurs, it will take time for people to harvest their crops and replenish their livestock. These will be critical months as families face a deepening ‘hunger gap’.

Emma CAFOD (002)

Congratulations Emma

The charity is appealing for £3 million which will allow CAFOD to scale up its current emergency response work across four of the worst affected areas; SNNPR Region State, Oromia Regional State, Tigray and Afar Regional States.


CAFOD’s representative in Stratford, Joanna Jarvis said:

“We are so grateful to Emma for her support in helping the communities of Ethiopia. She is an inspiration; after hearing about the people in Ethiopia who are currently experiencing a food crisis, she took action and has made a real difference.”

Find out more and donate to our Ethiopia Food Crisis Appeal. 


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