Hemel Hempstead Parish Children Cycling Against Hunger | Sunday 19th June

Upon the success of the Children’s Cycle Against Hunger in 2015, parishioners from the Hemel Hempstead churches have come together once more, assisting CAFOD with it’s work against poverty.

A big thank you and congratulations to the children and Parish mothers from the Hemel Hempstead churches, who participated in the Cycle Against Hunger. The Cycle involved parishioners from four catholic churches within the Hemel Hempstead area, including: Our Lady Queen of All Creation, St. Mark, The Resurrection and SS Mary and Joseph.  

Children Group Photo

Parish Children Cycle Against Hunger

Thanks also to Father John Byrne and CAFOD volunteer Andy McCarthy together with his team of volunteers. Through the Cycle against Hunger 30 Parish children were able to raise money to support CAFOD’s working against poverty. The event truly brought the community together, through the involvement of four Hemel Hempstead churches.

Hemel Child Cycling

Children getting ready for the Cycle Against Hunger

This is the fourth year of the event, demonstrating the success and motivation of the parishioners involved. We at CAFOD would like to thank the churches for their support and raising over £2,600 in previous years. Your efforts will truly make a difference to the lives of our brothers and sisters overseas.

Perhaps your parish might be inspired to organise a similar event?

For further information please contact CAFOD Westminster 0208 449 6970 or visit the CAFOD Events guide and get involved today!

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