CAFOD campfire helped ‘Make a Splash’ this Lent

A massive thank you to those who organised the great CAFOD Sleepover and campfire, for Years 7 & 8 students , as part of our Lent appeal. The money raised will help provide clean water for communities around the world.

Organise your own CAFOD fundraising event

During the evening students had fun eating pizza, playing games, watching films, sitting around a (massive) camp fire, completing a torch lit scavenger hunt, taking part in a service in our church ending with prayer stations, drinking hot chocolate and some lovely social time. After a short sleep, we ended our time with a shared breakfast on the Saturday morning.


Pupils join in solidarity with CAFOD neighbours all over the world.

The sleepover was held on the school grounds in Hemel Hempstead, with RE Classrooms acting as dormitories for the evening. Although we didn’t leave the school premises, the group said:

“it was brilliant to see the school in a different light”, “our church was really atmospheric and peaceful” and “it was a really fun way to learn about CAFOD and raise money”.

Diane Kolka, head of RE said:

“The evening was a great success, raising £256, with the only complaint from students being that we couldn’t “do it again next week!”

Thank you for helping raise over 4m this Lent

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