Good luck to Westminster Justice and Peace cycling pilgrims!

Cycling pilgrimage launch

Barbara Kentish and Fr Joe Ryan with pilgrims outside Westminster Cathedral at the launch of the ride

Good luck to the 17 cyclists who will set off to Paris next week to mark the start of an important UN conference on climate change.

The pilgrimage, organised by the Westminster Justice and Peace Commission, will take place over three days from the 25th to 27th November covering 150 miles, and will follow the Avenue Verte cycling route from Dieppe to Paris. The first phase of the journey from London to Newhaven took place earlier this year.

There will be 12 Catholics on the trip, 4 of whom have links to CAFOD. Ann Wilson and Ged Edwards are the regional staff for CAFOD in Salford and Liverpool respectively, while David Murray and John Fogarty have supported CAFOD as volunteers for many years.

Fr Joe Ryan, Chair of Westminster Justice and Peace will also be cycling, as will J&P Fieldworker Barbara Kentish. They have taken a lot of time and effort to plan the pilgrimage and we wish them every success on their journey.

The UN conference in Paris, the 21st of its kind, is seen as a possible turning point in the fight against climate change. We could see for the first time an international legally-binding agreement to lower carbon emissions and move forward on renewable technologies.

Ann Wilson stated that ‘It is important that many people make the pilgrimage to Paris because a critical mass of people can make change. The collective voice is better than the individual voice.’

Bon voyage!

For further information, contact CAFOD Westminster on 0208 449 6970 or Follow Westminster J&P on Twitter @westminjp for updates on the ride.


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