CAFOD World Gifts – give a gift with a difference this Christmas

Ahmad and his family - Syrian refugees

CAFOD has supplied Ahmad and his family, who are from Syria, with mattresses, blankets and food

As autumn draws to a close and we approach December, we are reminded that Christmas is on its way with all that means in terms of preparation.  We will meet weekly for our Advent reflections in our small faith sharing communities, begin our culinary arrangements and start thinking about the presents we will offer to our loved ones as reminders of what they mean to us.

At this time of the year we call to mind our loved ones at home and far away, especially our friends in developing countries.  Whether it be the gift of a goat, a queen bee, or even a community water supply, CAFOD World Gifts can make a real difference to families in need who are living in the world’s poorest communities. With World Gifts, you can give something that is both unique for the recipient and that will be put to good use.

World Gifts 2015

CAFOD Westminster volunteers Amy Ashdown and Pat Margrove holding World Gifts catalogues

CAFOD has launched two new World Gifts to buy for refugees this Christmas, including food for a family and a Winter Survival Kit, which helps to provide sanctuary, warm blankets, fuel, and a stove for people seeking safety during the harsh winter.

Pick up a World Gift Catalogue from your parish or visit and choose a gift that will make a real difference in the true spirit of Christmas.

For more information, contact CAFOD Westminster on 0208 449 6970 or email us on

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