CAFOD go to V-Fest 2015

Once again, CAFOD took a group of volunteers to V-Festival at Hyfield Park, Chelmsford- this year to spread the word about One Climate One World and get a few more signatures for the Climate Change Petition!

CAFOD V-Fest Saturday 2 crop

CAFOD banners, CAFOD bunting, CAFOD T shirts… and the CAFOD World Heart, giving out a few free hugs in return for signatures!

It was a great weekend spent chatting to festival-goers about the campaign. Climate change is such a big topic at the moment so loads of people were up for signing the petition and hearing a little more (or trying to over the booming speakers at least). CAFOD’s focus is of course on how climate change affects people living in poverty, something that many people I spoke to had never really thought about- through no fault of their own, it’s a conversation that is still getting going- and is was fantastic to see people getting a new perspective on the issue.

While a few people recognised our CAFOD shirts, bunting, and banners, a lot of people had never heard of CAFOD and seemed surprised to hear Catholics talking about Climate Change. Loads of people grow up with a view of the Catholic Church as pretty anti-science so it was good to set the record straight a bit – and it does help that most people are fans of Pope Francis!

The extremes in weather probably sparked people interest in the climate a bit as well- from a boiling, bright 28⁰C on Saturday to a chilly drizzle on Sunday. Neither is great for getting strangers to stop and chat, but we got an amazing 560 signatures over the two days- well done team! As well as having volunteers roaming around the site and chatting with people we always had a few sat at the marquee, which was a bit out of the way but was also right next to some portaloos- which may not sound too great but as soon as people discovered them we had a line of people with no distractions who were happy to talk as they waited.

CAFOD V-Fest Sunday 2

CAFOD volunteers chatting with people in line for the loo- the only time people really stand still at V!

Well done to everyone who volunteered at V, and thank you to anyone who signed the petition.

-Rachel, CAFOD volunteer

You can add your voice to the petition here.

And why not download and print a copy for your parish, school, or group here

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