Wacky Onesies raise £213.05 for CAFOD!

Ali and Antonia, year 6 students from St Thomas More School, Letchworth Garden City were inspired to help make a difference after hearing Tania Dalton of CAFOD’s Latin America and Caribbean team talk about CAFOD’s work.


After speaking to their headteacher about their ideas the girls came up with their brilliant Wacky Onsie plan!

Tania returned to the school on 13 March to present the girls with a Romero Cross to thank them for their hard work. While she was there she got this exclusive interview with the fabulous fundraisers!


Tell me about the day

We had assembly with the whole school in the morning.  We led the assembly which we wrote as well.  The whole day was a quiet day because it felt like we were going to bed.  In the morning, Key Stage 1 children came to the library for story time.  Children from Year 6 helped them to read and we read them stories.  Then it was lunchtime and Key Stage 2 children did reading and drawing.

Why did you do this?

Ali:  At the beginning of the year our headteacher told us all in Year 6 about the Junior Leadership Badge and said we could work to get one.  We decided to raise money for CAFOD and we came up with the idea of Onesie Day.

Antonia:  It is really inspiring to do something for CAFOD. After the CAFOD talk we wrote in our RE books about what we found interesting.  We remembered the activity sharing out income in Brazil.

How do you feel about what you have done?

Ali:  I felt really shocked when I heard how much we raised because everybody gave at least £1.  And when I heard it would be doubled I felt even happier.

Antonia:  I feel really good that I have done something to help people around the world.

Do you have any messages you would like to give to others?

Ali:  When people see things on the TV they often think but don’t act.  Turn your feelings into action.

Antonia:  When people see things on TV they think, it doesn’t matter I can do something later, and then don’t take the time.  Take the time to do something for others.

Can you describe CAFOD in 2 or 3 words?

Antonia:  Life-changing, inspiring.

Do you think you will keep taking action?

When we go to secondary school we will be able to do more fundraising.

Ali:  If people hear what we are saying, they might try to help others.

Thank you to all at St Thomas More for all your hard work! Could you support CAFOD at your school? Contact CAFOD Westminster on westminster@cafod.org.uk or 0208 449 6970 to find out more!

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