Doubling the impact – a report on CAFOD’s Match Funding spending


CAFOD was delighted to be awarded Match Funding by DIFID for our Lent 2015 appeal. The money raised for Fast Day helps CAFOD’s work across the world and Match Funding means that the generosity of our supporters will have double the impact across the world.

CAFOD launched the One Climate, One World campaign to help the poor communities around the world by campaigning in the UK to change the policies and practices that keep people poor. Alongside campaigning, the funds CAFOD receives from Match Funding will benefit some communities to deal with the impact of climate change.  

The money raised will be funding a Climate Resilient Agriculture programme. This programme helps communities to develop their livelihoods. We want to transform the livelihoods of 450,000 hazard-prone women, men and children in marginalised rural areas of Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar and Zimbabwe, countries that are really poor.

The programme will work to equip people to grow more and hardier crops that are really resilient, ensure that producers have markets, and training and investing in new ways of generating income. CAFOD will also work with partners to ensure that power is not concentrated in a for-profit model but rather a for-community cohesion and community development model.

The programme will also work with disaster risk reduction to minimize the impact of potential disasters. This work is already helping communities in Myanmar protect themselves against cyclones. In schools children are taught what to do during a storm, and that they need to pack items like food, clean water and a blanket in their emergency bags.

The community has built a barrier to protect their fields and crops from being destroyed by salty flood water and constructed a rice bank to safely store rice in a dry place.

Climate change is the biggest threat to overcoming the injustice of poverty in the world. Through UK Aid Match CAFOD can help thousands more people in the poorest communities to live properly by adapting to the threat of storms, cyclones, tidal waves and droughts.

All donations received before 17 May are eligible for Match Funding, and if you set up a direct debit your first three months will be matched! To donate to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal visit

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