Understanding CAFOD Day – Make 2015 the year to volunteer!


Happy new year from CAFOD Westminster! It’s that time again when many of us set personal targets for the year ahead. Usually, this is a chance to focus on self-improvement, such as cutting out a bad habit or learning a new skill. But what about a resolution that helps others? What resolution can you make to help our brothers and sisters in developing communities around the World?

Join us at this year’s Understanding CAFOD Day on Saturday, 24 January, and find out how you can stand in solidarity with people facing poverty and injustice by making 2015 the year to volunteer!

Understanding CAFOD Day is the perfect opportunity to find out everything you’ve ever wondered about CAFOD, and more! Join other volunteers, meet some of CAFOD’s staff, and learn how you can help make a difference with this fun and interactive day workshop.

The morning session will give you a good introduction to CAFOD as an organisation. You’ll learn about the vision, mission, and values which form the basis of CAFOD’s work, CAFOD’s history, how CAFOD is funded, and how CAFOD is working throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

In the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to see how to get involved with CAFOD’s work with a series of workshops:

  • CAFOD in your parish: Learn more about how CAFOD is being brought to life by volunteers in parishes throughout England and Wales. You’ll hear about CAFOD’s Fast Day appeals, how to organise CAFOD events in your parish, and other ways CAFOD is helping to support parish life.
  • One Climate, One World – Campaigning with CAFOD: Help CAFOD to challenge those in power to make a case for the world’s poorest communities. You’ll learn more about CAFOD’s new campaign, One Climate One World, and how we are calling for urgent, immediate action to fight climate change. You’ll also learn about other ways in which you can take action with CAFOD, such as supporting Fairtrade.
  • Education Volunteers– Working with Children and Young People: If you want the opportunity to inspire future generations to take action in the fight against poverty, this workshop is for you! You will learn about how CAFOD is working with children and young people throught England and Wales, see a CAFOD workshop in action, and learn more about how to get involved yourself.

You will have the chance to attend two of the above workshops, and there will also be the chance to ask any questions you may have about CAFOD during the course of the day.

The day will take place in Amigo Hall, next to St George’s Cathedral, Lambeth Road, SE1 6HR, from 10am to 4pm. Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day, and a light lunch will also be provided. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch to supplement this if you would so like.

Visit understandingcafod.eventbrite.co.uk to book your places now! If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact CAFOD Westminster 0208 449 6970 or westminster@cafod.org.uk.

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