CAFOD volunteers get ready to visit schools throughout the diocese!

CAFOD Westminster’s energetic team of schools volunteers are preparing to visit schools throughout North London and Hertfordshire as Harvest Fast Day approaches!

Volunteers try to prevent disaster in our exciting new game for schools, Flood!

Volunteers try to prevent disaster in our exciting new game for schools, Flood!

Last Wednesday, 17 September, our schools volunteers came together in Oakwood to share stories of their positive experiences spreading the word about CAFOD in the last academic year, and get ready to start inspiring young people once again as the summer break ends by learning about CAFOD’s new schools resources.

One resource volunteers had the chance to get to grips with was CAFOD’s new game Flood! In the game, young people immerse themselves in an impending emergency situation and experience some of the challenges to effective decision-making that CAFOD partners face when working to respond to emergencies in real life. Should they use their limited time and resources to focus on evacuating people in affected areas, protecting people in areas the flood has not yet reached, or shoring up bridges and flood barriers to minimize the long-term impact of the disaster?

Click here to download the Flood game, and all our other resources for schools! >>

This harvest, CAFOD are continuing to focus on food, working to bring about a fair share for everyone. Volunteers will lead assemblies in schools accross the diocese exploring the injustice of the fact that one in eight people in our world go hungry everyday, and to show how CAFOD is working together with families around the world to support them in producing and selling their own food.

“It was a really great day, and it was lovely to get to meet all of our schools volunteers!” said CAFOD Westminster Diocesan Officer Eleanor. “We got the chance to hear about each other’s experiences, what went well and what challenges we could learn from for the future. Everyone left really enthusiastic for the upcoming school term and ready to inspire young people about the work of CAFOD once again!”

Schools around the diocese are already preparing to welcome CAFOD volunteers to talk to their students about Harvest Fast Day and the rest of our work with developing communities around the world. To arrang a visit in your school or youth group, please contact CAFOD Westminster on 0208 449 6970 or


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