“When I am with the pigs, I feel moved, because they help me to get an education and a good job.” – Your Fast Day support at work in Nicaragua

Josue, 10, lives with his family in Nicaragua, where he helps his mother look after their pigs and chickens. Picture: Tania Dalton/CAFOD

Josue, 10, lives with his family in Nicaragua. His mother works with CAFOD partner ASOMUPRO, raising pigs and chickens and making tortillas which she sells. Picture: Tania Dalton/CAFOD

Thank you to everyone that joined us here in Oakwood last Saturday, 6 September, for our Harvest Volunteer Morning.

More than 40 supporters gathered in the Church of Christ the King to learn more about CAFOD’s work tackling hunger and poverty alongside developing communities, in preparation for this year’s Harvest Fast Day.

This harvest, CAFOD is looking back at the effects our previous Fast Day appeals have had on our work tackling hunger. Guest speaker Tania Dalton, of CAFOD’s Latin America team, gave first hand examples of how the support of people in Westminster is helping our partners in Nicaragua work to develop more secure and sustainable sources of food in their communities.

While in Nicaragua, Tania had the chance to meet Marta and her granddaughter Mayling, whose story formed the focus of last year’s Harvest Fast Day. With the help of CAFOD partner ASOMUPRO, Marta now works with other local women to tend bees and produce honey to eat and sell. This extra income has meant that Mayling  has been able to continue her schooling!

Marta and her granddaughter Mayling

Marta and her granddaughter Mayling. Picture: Tania Dalton/CAFOD.

Tania also spoke about projects in other communities throughout the country, such as the construction of reservoirs and electric water pumps to provide clean drinking water and help crops withstand long periods without rain, and another to pilot a biodigester that will produce a renewable source of energy from the excrement of pigs. Many of these projects have been made possible and helped by the Fast Day contributions of CAFOD supporters in England and Wales.

“Fast Day is what enables CAFOD to respond to the emergencies that don’t make the headlines,” said CAFOD Westminster’s Jon Stricklin-Coutinho. “It is not right that nearly one in eight people on Earth don’t have enough to eat, especially when there is so much that we can do to help. We are incredibly thankful to everyone who continues to support CAFOD’s Fast Day appeals, be it in their parish, their school, their place of work, or elsewhere. You are helping us make a real difference in the fight against poverty and injustice.”

Thank you again to everyone who attended the event on Saturday, and to those of you that are preparing to talk in parishes this Harvest Fast Day. The day will fall on Friday, 3 October, and talks will be taking place the weekends before, on 27 and 28 September, and after, on 4 and 5 October. If you would like to help promote Fast Day in your church, get in touch with your parish priest or CAFOD group, and contact us on 0208 449 6970 or westminster@cafod.org.uk if you would like help organising a talk or event.

Click here to download Harvest Fast Day resources, including posters, a template short-talk and a guide to organising a fast day in your parish.

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