Hands On in Kitui: Can YOU lend a hand?

All around the world, CAFOD Partners are working to improve the quality of life of people in their communities. We’re asking YOU to get ‘Hands On’ and help them achieve their goals.

Hands On Kitui

Hands On is a scheme through which you can support a series of vitally important new  in specific communities as they undertake a two year project, and follow their progress as their plans come together.

Our first project is in the diocese of Kitui in south eastern Kenya. The area was once green and fertile, with a great dam providing fresh water to over 600 families.

But now the soil is bare and the dam has dried up. Water is hard to find, and local people must walk for miles to reach a river that often has unclean water.

But the people of Kitui have a plan to restore their land and water supply in just two years. By digging terracing, planting ten thousand trees and restoring their dam, they will lay the foundations of a better and greener future, in which better access to water means that they can grow enough food for their families.

Philip, the Project Coordinator in Kitui, said: “What this project aims to do is heal the land, nurture it and connect people to the land.”

Watch the video below for more information on the project and the people whose lives it will change:

The community need to get this urgent work started as soon as possible, but they need one more thing before they can get the work done. They need YOU to get hands on too by making a regular donation to fund this life-changing work.

Because you will be directly funding the work, your regular gifts are essential to the success of this project. As soon as you get hands on you’ll receive a simple welcome folder with information about the people and the project. Philip will write to you to explain exactly what the project involves, and you’ll hear from the very people this project will do so much for.

Will you help us raise £206,517 to fund this work? Visit cafod.org.uk/Give/Donate-to-CAFOD/Hands-On to find out more and make your direct debit pledge to stand with the people of Kitui, and see below for our hands on heart promise to you.


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