The Beautiful Game – England Supporters take on CAFOD Partner MDF in World Cup inspired friendly!

The flags - Brazil, England and MDF

As football fans flocked to the Arena Corinthians football stadium in São Paulo for the England-Uruguay World Cup match on 19 June, another England game was underway in the favela of Vila Prudente.

Played as a football ‘friendly’, the English Supporters’ Club took on our partners in the Movement for the Defence of Favela Residents, MDF.  In every Brazilian city where England played, supporters organised a friendly game like this one against a local team.

The match in full swing - Vila Prudente, Brazil

Representing the MDF selection were community organisers, Getúlio, André and Vicente, members of the MDF youth group, volunteers from the youth cultural centre and other local residents.

50 English supporters were there to cheer, along with the mayor of Vila Prudente, Patrícia Saran, and a swarm of enthusiastic Brazilians.  Everyone, including the players and spectators, received a Neymar da Silva Santos and Daniel Sturridge shirt after the game.

The match ended in a 3-3 draw and was played in the true spirit of football, underlying the sport as a game for ordinary people.

Andre, Getulio and Vinnie with the mayor at the end of the match, Vila Prudente, Brazil

As the eyes of the world focus on São Paulo and the rest of Brazil for the duration of the World Cup tournament, we ask you to ensure that the needs of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens are not forgotten. Click here to find out more about why CAFOD is asking that you Stand by Brazil and how you can take action now.

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