The Sacred Heart and St Joseph parish, Ware, receive Live Simply award!

Congratulations go out to everyone at The Sacred Heart and St Joseph parish, Ware, for becoming the latest Hertfordshire parish to attain the Live Simply award!


The Mayor of Ware, Cllr Mrs Rosalie Standley, visited the church to mark the achievement. She was welcomed to a Fairtrade buffet by Fr. John Gray and heard Deacon Adrian Cullen review the parishioners’ many activities leading up to the award. The award invites parishes to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor. To reach these goals, the parish has taken part in activites such as selling WoW (Wonders of Waste) bags made in the Philippines from recycled drinks sachets, sending cards to prisoners of conscience, contributing to the Salvation Army food collection and praying the Olympic 100 Days of Peace prayer at each mass, as well as supporting CAFOD and Fairtrade. Many members also took pledge lists for living sustainably at home and doing their own part for the environment. Cllr Standley went away with one of the sunflower seeds potted by the First Communion group. The parish is now determined that the ‘Live Simply’ seed continues to flourish in their church.

Working towards a Live Simply award is a wonderful way to bring a parish together and make a real difference for the environment and communities around the world. You can read about what other parishes in the Westminster diocese have done to achieve the award here, and can find out more about how to get your church on track to become a Live Simply parish at You can also get in touch with CAFOD Westminster on 0208 449 6970 or for more information.

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