A prayer for the future

As you may remember, at our recent Day of Reflection, CAFOD supporters penned letters expressing their hopes, dreams and apologies for the people that will be alive in 2050. CAFOD volunteer Giuseppina Carelli shared her feelings on the future through the beautiful poem below.

‘No bird or human being will ever die for lack of oxygen

No one will shout or scream with anger, pain or fear
The water will be as pure as in God’s first creation 
Greed, envy, corruption, hate, idolatry of money and profit will cease to exist
No one will kill his neighbour or his friend 
God’s love will reign in each creature’s heart
The earth will be blessed for ever
No one will know the meaning of hunger or drought
Each tree will grow it’s leaves and fruit
No one will be too hungry or too thirsty, too hot or too cold
We will be able to sleep looking at the stars
No one will burgle or threaten our safety
The earth will be our home, our mother
Babies and children will grow in love and wisdom
Knowing God’s love and practising compassion
No one will bully or tease or hit or fail to achieve
No child will die from leukemia, cancer or meningitis
Old age will be free from sorrow, loneliness and Alzheimer’s
No one will ever be too stressed to cope 
No one will be evicted from his land or home
No one will be a refugee of war 
No one will ever cry or die alone
No mum or dad will ever say “I have no time to play with you”
All will show God’s love, through the love for each other’

If you would like to share your thoughts and hopes for the future of our world, why not send us an email at westminster@cafod.org.uk? You can also express yourself by posting on CAFOD’s online Grace Wall at cafod.org.uk/Pray/Grace-wall.  You can also visit cafod.org.uk/pray to read more prayers and graces from CAFOD’s theology team, overseas partners, and supporters like you!

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