Loving our Earthly Neighbours

Sing Hosanna! CAFOD staff and volunteers with their greenery prior to Palm Sunday mass

Sing Hosanna! CAFOD staff and volunteers with their greenery prior to Palm Sunday mass

On Saturday 12 April over 70 CAFOD volunteers travelled from all corners of the Westminster diocese to hear guest speaker Father Augusto Zampini Davies talk about consumption, climate and the common good. Showing boundless enthusiasm, Father Augusto gave a brilliant reflection on the concept of neighbourliness. He linked the parable of the ‘good Samaritan’ to the way in which we treat the earth. As one of God’s creation, we must treat the Earth as if it were a neighbour rather than unsustainably exploiting our environment.

Father Augusto

Father Augusto

The event also included a very personal, spiritual element. CAFOD Theology Programme Adviser Liam Hayes led volunteers in a reflection of their aspirations for a better future. He invited the volunteers to write a letter to somebody in 2050 with their hopes, dreams and apologies.

The day ended with a joyful and colourful Palm Sunday Mass, accompanied by a procession of greenery and the Romero Cross.

Afterwards, Father Augusto explained how he found inspiration in CAFOD’s volunteers, ‘you can feel the commitment and passion of these people who want to get closer to the Kingdom of God’.

DoR procession

Want to find out more about how extreme weather conditions are affecting the developing world and CAFOD’s response? Contact CAFOD Westminster via email westminster@cafod.org.uk and tel. 0208 449 6970 to find out more and book a place on our Climate Change campaign launch event on Thursday 10 July, 6pm-8:30pm in Lambeth.

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