Support Team CAFOD at the London Marathon



Tom Jarvis, the London Marathon's youngest runner at 18 years and 2 days!

Tom Jarvis, the London Marathon’s youngest runner at 18 years and 2 days!

You know how it is? You’ve trained for months, you’ve checked your kit and now you’re chasing Mo Farah. He’s well ahead and it’s clear that you aren’t going to win this year’s London Marathon.

No one is cheering, no one is clapping and your efforts are going un-noticed.

This can’t be right!

CAFOD have 22 runners in this year’s race and they need our support. We’d love you to come along and cheer on Team CAFOD. We’ve set up three cheering points, so you’ll be with like-minded supporters as you clap, shout and go a little wild in your support.

Our first point is near the Cutty Sark, point two is at St. Edmund’s in Millwall and our last point is near Cleopatra’s Needle to turbo-boost the sprint to the finish line.

We’ll bring the T-shirts, you just need to make some noise, take some photos and get tweeting for Team CAFOD!

There’s Sunday Mass available at Our Ladye Star of the Sea at Greenwich at 8.00am, especially for runners and supporters.

If you can’t make it on Sunday, but you’re feeling inspired, perhaps you could organise your own fundraiser? It doesn’t need to involve 40,000 people! Have a look at

Running not your thing? We are holding our Pedal Against Poverty cycle ride on May 18. Have a look at

Every penny you raise will change the lives of people in poverty around the world.

And there’s always the London Marathon in 2015…The ballot will open soon after this year’s race, so keep a look out or go to the CAFOD website.


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