UCM and St Lawrence’s, Feltham, host talk on CAFOD’s work in El Salvador!

Thank you to the Union of Catholic Mothers and everyone at St Lawrence’s Parish, Feltham, for inviting CAFOD’s Tony Sheen to talk about our work in El Salvador!


The attendees listened with interest as Tony spoke about his recent Romero Trust Pilgrimage, sharing stories of the life and work of Archbishop Romero and the Martyrs of El Salvador. He then went on to describe the work of CAFOD’s partners in El Salvador today, and how parishes can get involved and connect with a people CAFOD work alongside, such as the rural community of Puentecitos, through the Connect2 programme.

The Union of Catholic Mothers then presented CAFOD with a kind donation. Volunteers Bernadine Doran and Theresa Butcher also explained that the parish had been holding a coffee morning on the first Friday of each month for CAFOD since March 2009, raising a fantastic £1634.83 for CAFOD so far!

Thank you again to Maureen Dethridge and the UCM, Bernadine Doran, Theresa Butcher and everyone at St Lawrence’s for the excellent work and warm welcome!

If your parish would like to join in solidarity with a community in El Salvador, or elsewhere in the developing world, why not find out about becoming a Connect2 parish? You can find out more by visiting cafod.org.uk/connect2.

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