Connect2 El Salvador: A Miracle has Happened

Erasmo (second from right) and Fidel (far left) with volunteers from St Margaret's, Twickenham

Erasmo (second from right) and Fidel (far left) with volunteers from St Margaret’s, Twickenham, in their parish’ garden

A year ago, Erasmo Valiente visited parishes in England and Wales as part of a group from El Salvador.  He Spoke about his work with farmers and women’s groups, which enables people in small, rural communities to provide for themselves and their families.  He also visited community projects and farms here in the UK, including St Margaret’s parish garden in Twickenham. 

The friendships formed were deep. And even in parishes that Erasmo and his colleagues were unable to visit, strong bonds of solidarity had already been formed as part of CAFOD’s Connect2 scheme.

Erasmo wrote to us this week with some sad news. We’re sure you will want to join us in praying for Erasmo and his family.

Erasmo says:

The beginning of the new year hasn’t been the best for me, but I understand that things don’t happen without a reason.  God has given me a second chance of life to understand how beautiful it is to be alive.

On New Year’s Day, I suffered a fall. I was painting 5 metres high and involuntarily someone moved the ladder and I fell backwards. As I fell, I got entangled in some sharp razor wire and below there was a cement platform. I was almost certain to die because the position of my fall was head down. But a miracle happened.

Before falling, my body turned 90 degrees and this meant that I fell in a sitting position. I only remember the impact of the blow. I felt as if my waist reached my throat.

I can’t help crying when I remember this moment, because I felt as if I had died. I fainted for a few minutes and then was taken to hospital. The days when I was hospitalised were critical because I was unable to move because of the impact on my spine.

Now I am in the process of recovery with medicines and physiotherapy to recover my movement.

I will return to work soon, depending on an assessment, but God’s miracle is continuing because my health is improving and now I can sit up and walk, even though it is difficult.

Greetings to all of the dear people of CAFOD.

Photos and quotes from Erasmo’s visit to the UK last year.

Could your parish stand alongside a community overseas? Find out how to join Connect2.

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