The 24th Anniversary of the UCA Martyrs

As part of his two week pilgrimage to El Salvador, Tony Sheen joined in remembrance of the UCA martyrs. He writes:

Saturday, 16 November

Today was the 24th anniversary of the UCA Martyrs (The Universidad Centroamericana).  We joined thousands of people from across the country for acts of remembrance for the six Jesuit priests who were killed, alongside their housekeeper Julia Elba Ramos and her daughter Celina, on 16th November 1989.

We witnessed the pathways of the University decorated with pictures made of flower petals and coloured sawdust. We then joined a beautiful candlelight procession in the grounds of the University, followed by an open air Mass.


The words of the Martyrs’ Hymn

Witnesses of dying and of rising:
these martyrs who live the Good News of Jesus risen.
Spirit calls to heed their voice, their message:
transform all fear with justice and compassion.

As you lead your people to the land which is their home,
my presence shall within around you be:
sustaining all.


I shall be your strength, your song, your courage
as you free all those held captive by injustice
and others’ greed.


Feed the hungry, clothe the homeless,
nurture broken lives; in the sharing of your
humanness God’s love abounds.


Break all unjust structures as you share your
daily bread with those working for
their freedom and joy of life.

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