Candlelight Supperclub raises more than £750 for CAFOD!

A big thank you to everyone involved in the Candlelight Supperclub event held in Islington last month which raised more than £750 for CAFOD!

On Saturday, 28 September, 15 lucky guests were treated to a lavish five course dinner prepared by event organisers Deborah and Sophie, along with some willing volunteers. Attendees were then asked to judge what they believed the meal to be worth and make a discreet donation of that amount to support the work of CAFOD partner the Daughters of Charity in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Sophie and Deborah set up their Candlelight Fund through CAFOD in memory of their twins, Thea and Gabriel. Through a range of successful fundraising events, including cupcake sales and a pop-up restaurant night, they have already succeeded in raising more than £4000 to support the Daughters of Charity in their healthcare work with women and children.

“We were delighted with our event, overwhelmed by people’s generosity and looking forward to hosting more,” said Sophie. “Since we are both foodies, establishing a supperclub – and social events based around food – seemed an obvious way to continue fundraising for the Daughters of Charity projects in Tigray.”

Thanks again to Sophie, Deborah and everyone who helped to make the event such a huge success. If you want to keep up to date on the Candlelight Supperclub’s events, or if you’d like to get a ‘flavour’ of what it might be like to organise your own fundraising activity, check out the Candlelight Supperclub blog.

A Candlelight Fund is a special way to remember loved ones who have passed away, and to help make a positive difference to the lives of people in need in their honour. To find out more, go to the Candlelight Fund webpage.

2 thoughts on “Candlelight Supperclub raises more than £750 for CAFOD!

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