Festival goers are Hungry for Change!

In August, Westminster volunteer Tope joined CAFOD’s Denise Grierson and eight other volunteers to help spread the word of Hungry for Change at the V Festival in Chelmsford.

Tope at V

As well as taking the petition out into the crowds, the team set up a coconut shy to help entice fun-loving festival goers to visit the stall and find out what was going on.

A total of 1149 were inspired to take action, signing a petition to David Cameron highlighting the scandal that some 870 million people go to bed hungry each night although there is enough food in the world for everyone.

The volunteers also had plenty of time to see their favourite acts, with Beyonce and Calvin Harris proving especially popular.

Thanks again to Tope and the other volunteers, who travelled from all over the country to represent CAFOD at the event. Your great work will hopefully help to make more eople realise that something must be done to address the injustice in the global food system.

There is still time for you to get involved in the Hungry for Change campaign and help put and end to global hunger. Click here to go the the Hungry for Change webpage, where you can send an email to the Prime Minister demanding that he make working for a fairer world food system a priority.

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