Dispatches from Bolivia: Office volunteer Tope describes how Wednesday’s talk inspired her

On Wednesday 17 July CAFOD’s Nikki Evans visited the Benadictine Centre for Spirituality, in Oakwood, to speak about CAFOD’s work in Bolivia. Office volunteer Tope describes the talk and why she volunteers for CAFOD.

Greetings from Tope

“My name is Tope and I study International Development Studies at University of Portsmouth. From a young age with the influence of my religion, I have always wanted to help those who are less fortunate than me. I learnt about CAFOD’s work within my lectures which motivated me to contact my local diocese in my summer holiday to do some volunteering in my spare time.

I started volunteering with CAFOD Westminster diocese mid-April and it has been so far one of the most enriching and eye opening experiences. I have seen how much effort they put into organizing events and trying to get the word out about global hunger and poverty within the community through schools and parishes.

Last Wednesday was probably the exact moment where I felt so glad to be part of such a great organization. Nikki Evans, CAFOD’s Bolivia representative, came to visit the office. She explained to us what CAFOD was doing with the money raised by people like you and me. CAFOD help local people develop a more sustainable living by helping them to fund local projects. Nikki’s job is to make sure that they were putting the money to good use and measuring the progress and impact these projects were making. She also spoke about issues to do with the lack of variety of food, meaning that the local people did not have essential nutrition needed. Issues like this ties in closely with CAFOD campaigns such as Hungry for Change.


You could help these people in Bolivia and other places across the globe, who can’t even afford to eat their own produce because of the unfair global market price by clicking on this link: http://www.cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Take-action-today/Hungry-for-change.

Not only was this talk a good chance to hear about CAFOD’s work in the developing world but it was a great chance to meet other volunteers that do different types of work for CAFOD. It’s honestly so amazing what difference it makes volunteering a few hours of your time. There is so much you can do for CAFOD too, from working in the local offices doing admin work, helping with their media work, fundraising, doing school visits… or just representing them at your local parish. So many opportunities to make a difference!”

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