‘Twice as Good’ at St Joan of Arc parish!

Well done to the CAFOD group at St Joan of Arc parish, Islington, who had the fantastic idea of teaming up with the local St Vincent de Paul food bank to make a big difference to the lives of people, both abroad and at home, who do not have enough to eat.


On Sunday, 6 July the parish CAFOD group held an event they called ‘Twice as Good’. They sourced Fairtrade rice, which they then sold to parishioners after Masses.  People who purchased the rice were encouraged to donate it straight to the St Vincent de Paul food bank so that their contribution would do ‘twice the good’.

“It’s a simple message that people could latch on to,” said Amalia Gomez, who helped organise the event as leader of the parish CAFOD group. “We can help both farmers in Malawi (where the rice was grown) and the hungry here locally.”

The group were also helped by eight young people from the parish confirmation group, who spoke at Mass in order to encourage people to take part and helped out on the stall.

A total of 115 bags of Fairtrade rice were sold, 70 of which were donated straight to the St Vincent de Paul food bank which will hopefully make a big difference to people living in hunger both here and in the developing world.

Thanks again to the St Joan of Arc CAFOD group for showing such great initiative in organising the event, and to everyone who helped or took part. This is a fantastic idea for a way to promote Fairtrade and help end the scandal that is world hunger. Why not organise a similar event in your parish and help the hungry both at home and abroad? To find out more about Fairtrade and its wide range of products, visit http://www.cafod.org.uk/fairtrade.

There’s still plenty of time to help the hungry by taking part in CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign, which will continue throughout the year. Find out more about the issues and how we can help to tackle them at http://www.cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Get-clued-up/Food.

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