Dispatches from Bolivia: CAFOD’s work in South America’s poorest nation

CAFOD Westminster would like to invite you to join us in Oakwood on Wednesday, 17 July, from 2pm to 4pm, as Nikki Evans, CAFOD’s programme officer in Bolivia, will give an afternoon talk on CAFOD’s work there. 


Bolivia is the poorest nation in South America and faces a number of developmental challenges. Nikki will be sharing a number of stories of how communities in Bolivia are working to gain access to clean water, to grow food in such a challenging environment, and to call for international action on climate change.

Nikki had a brief opportunity to talk to you about her experiences earlier this year at Understanding CAFOD Day, and we’re fortunate to have another chance to hear more in depth about CAFOD’s work in the country. This will also be a fantastic opportunity for you to share your stories and experiences of the great work you’re involved with here in the Westminster diocese!

If you would like to attend, please do let us know on either 0208 449 6970 or westminster@cafod.org.uk.

2 thoughts on “Dispatches from Bolivia: CAFOD’s work in South America’s poorest nation

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