Spirit in the City – 88 and Counting!

CAFOD Volunteers Alberto and Alana at the Spirit in the City festival

In mid June CAFOD volunteer Alana (right)  joined a group of volunteers at the Spirit in the City festival in Leicester Square, encouraging others to act on their faith and stand alongside those who go hungry each night. She writes about her experience:

“CAFOD what is that?”

“If it starts with Catholic, then it’s only for Catholics?”

These were just few of the questions we received during the Spirit in the City Festival in Leicester Square. CAFOD, along with other organisations, were invited to have a stall in the event, which aims to engage with the people from the public. For example, evangelising and bringing faith directly to the public such as renewing or simply thinking about their faith and God’s role in their lives.

The aims of the event parallels CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign. The campaign asks people regardless of nationality, gender and ethnicity to take action on their faith by signing the campaign cards.
Hungry for Change campaign is not simply about informing the public on the different injustices experienced by our brothers and sisters around the world. It is not only about the 870 million who are hungry. But it is also about asking one’s self of what it means to be a true Christian, to be a true person and to be an individual making a difference through our actions.

The CAFOD team in the Spirit in the City festival is composed of six different individuals representing different volunteer roles and opportunities. Patricia and James visit different Confirmations groups across different parishes. Alberto is a School and Youth volunteer while Jack is an office volunteer. Lastly, Anne is a student who supports and volunteers for CAFOD specifically for the festival. Although each individual have different roles, we all have a common denominator – we are all ambassadors for CAFOD. It is through our faith, being happy and team work that we were able to promote Hungry for Change campaign to the public, resulting to eighty-eight cards signed and still counting.

Have you told the Prime Minister that you’re Hungry for Change? CAFOD’s campaign for a fairer food system continues throughout the summer, so it’s not too late to organise a card signing in your parish one weekend!

To order campaign cards, posters, and other resources, contact CAFOD Westminster: 0208 449 6970 or westminster@cafod.org.uk.

You can also take action online right now at cafod.org.uk/hungry

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