Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George parishioners are Hungry for Change!

A huge thank you goes out to all of the parishioners and priests at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George in Enfield who took part in a massive card signing this weekend to urge the government and the G8 to act on global hunger.

Parishioners Our Lady & St George Hungry for Change IMG_2611

Almost 600 parishioners at Masses on both Saturday and Sunday added their names to the growing numbers of people demanding that world leaders unite to put an end to world hunger. With both the Hungry for Change and Enough Food For Everyone IF campaigns gaining momentum as this year’s G8 summit approaches, this show of support will really help to draw the attention of politicians to the problems faced by the 1 in 8 who do not have enough to eat.

Fr Andrew Connick Hungry for Change IMG_2604

Many of those that signed cards plan to join thousands at the Big IF London G8 rally in Hyde Park on 8 June. People from around the UK will gather to add their voices to those of the millions around the globe without enough to eat. Join them and help us make 2013 the beginning of the end of world hunger! Get in touch with CAFOD Westminster on 0208 449 6970 or westminster@cafod.org.uk to book places or to get more information about the event.

Fr Slawomir Witon and Fr Robert Pachuta Our Lady St George London Road Enf  IMG_2614

Thanks once again to all at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George for making such a great contribution to the campaigns. Card signings are a simple yet extremely effective way to bring resolving world hunger to the attention of our MPs. If you can’t make it to the rally, perhaps you might consider organising a card signing at your own parish when convenient. To get started with this, contact CAFOD Westminster using the details above.

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