Hundreds of religious lobbyists to show MPs they are Hungry for Change!

A big thank you to the hundreds of priests, members of religious orders and lay associates who are preparing to take part in a mass lobby of parliament to demand that MPs make resolving global hunger a priority. Among them will be CAFOD Westminster office volunteer and Sister of Marie Auxiliatrice, Sister Carmel Ring.

Sister Carmel Ring is Hungry for Change!

Sister Carmel Ring is Hungry for Change!

The lobby will take place on Wednesday, 15 May, as part of a month of leading up to the G8 summit and the Big IF London event in Hyde Park on 8 June. The lobbyists, many of whom have lived and worked in developing countries around the world, aim to lend their voices to those of the 868 million people living without enough to eat and help draw the efforts of our government towards ending this huge problem.

“I believe that charity begins at home, but where is home? Is it not this beautiful planet of ours?” said Sister Carmel, who herself worked in Cameroon for four years teaching catechism and broadcasting religious programmes over the radio.

“We must develop a broadness of spirit, and not limit our concerns to the little corner of the planet where any one of us lives just now. I believe in the sincerity of our politicians who have a hard task to perform with so many irons in the fire at once. Let us show what it is to be great, in the way we share what our planet offers us in such abundance, so that no one need go hungry.”

Lobbying your local MP is one of the best ways to get the voices of those in need heard in parliament. We ask that you please encourage your local parish priest to take part in this mass lobby, if he is not already, and also to suggest it to any members of religious orders that you might know of. You can also lobby your own local MP. For advice on how to get started with this, visit You can also order a guide book on campaigning with CAFOD by getting in touch with the CAFOD Westminster office (details below).

Another great way to get the word out there and really help make the government act is to take part in the Enough Food for Everyone G8 rally ‘The Big IF London’. On Saturday, 8 June, thousands of campaigners will gather in Hyde Park to demand that the G8 leaders resolve to work together and make 2013 the beginning of the end of world hunger. For more details, or to book places get in touch with CAFOD Westminster on 0208 449 6970 or at

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