A Successful Fast Day Lunch at Our Lady and St Christopher, Cranford

Cranford's Fast Day Lunch

Many thanks to the parishioners of Our Lady and St Christopher, Cranford, for organising a very successful Fast Day lunch.

All the parish community contribute food and raffle prizes and paid  £3.00 for a ticket to great lunch.  What’s more, the parish ensured no food was wasted, with parishioners donating their spare change to take home a portion of the leftovers.

Latest event on the 24th February 2013 raised £600.00 from sale of tickets, raffle tickets and bingo held during a very enjoyable afternoon.

A very successful and important event in the life of the parish, this event is held twice a year to coincide with the Lent and Harvest Fast Days.

Walter O’Neill, a CAFOD supporter and event photographer, said, “Congratulations to you and all the ladies for a very successful and enjoyable CAFOD lunch. I don’t think there has ever been a better one. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. And raising £600!! Thank you for a lovely day.”

Thank you again to Fr Press, Renita, and all of the parishioners who helped to organise such a fun and successful day!

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An event in your parish is a great way to bring together others in your parish community to help support many of the world’s poorest communities in their route out of poverty and injustice.  What’s more, you don’t have to wait until a Fast Day to hold one!  Why not fill the gaps in your parish diary with a quiz night, a bingo tournament, or even a Hungry for Change campaign card signing?  There’s a wealth of event and other fun ideas in CAFOD’s A-Z of Fundraising.

If you’re holding an event, why not tell others about it on the CAFOD Westminster blog?  You can send us photos, stories, and other details and we’ll feature them here.  Send them on to westminster@cafod.org.uk!

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