Nearing the Finish Line for Fairtrade


The Diocese of Westminster is only 20 parishes short of qualifying for Fairtrade status! The aim of registering as a Fairtrade parish is to inspire parishioners to use Fairtrade products in their daily lives. Achieving Fairtrade status for the Diocese would generate more publicity and encourage more parishes to sign up. With London as the world’s largest Fairtrade city and the Anglican Diocese of London already registered, let’s make this the year that we follow suit.

As we approach the end of the first week of Fairtrade Fortnight, it would be fantastic if we could reach this goal. It is not too late for your parish to register and it is very simple to do so. There are 3 requirements for becoming a Fairtrade parish:

  1. To serve Fairtrade tea and coffee at parish meetings/after Mass
  2. To promote Fairtrade in some other way (display posters/set up a Fairtrade stall/use other Fairtrade ingredients such as sugar)
  3. To organise a Fairtrade event once a year, usually during Fairtrade Fortnight (25 Feb-10 Mar)

Once your parish meets these criteria, you can fill in an application form and send it in to CAFOD. We will then send you a lovely certificate to display. More information on Fairtrade and how your parish can register can be found here. A big thank you to all the parishes who have registered so far!


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