Understanding CAFOD Day – Volunteers make a World of Difference!

Volunteers at Understanding CAFOD Day

Our thanks go out to everyone that helped to make this year’s Understanding CAFOD Day as fun and informative as ever!

CAFOD Diocesan Manager Jim Simmons introduces Sister Pauline from Kenya

CAFOD Diocesan Manager Jim Simmons introduces Sister Pauline from Kenya

Around 90 CAFOD supporters came to the event at Amigo Hall, Lambeth, on Saturday 26 January. Guests ranged from veteran volunteers eager to hear how their contributions are being used to help those in need, to new supporters interested in finding out more about how CAFOD works.

Speakers at the event included representatives from CAFOD’s partners overseas who talked about how CAFOD is helping to support growth and development in some of the world’s poorest areas.

One of the speakers was CAFOD partner Sister Pauline. She explained how she works with CAFOD and community volunteers to provide support for people living with HIV and AIDS in Mombasa, Kenya.

She thanked CAFOD supporters in England and Wales for their contributions, saying: “We are very very grateful for all that you do. Know that your support is giving someone somewhere the chance to live their life.”

Nikki Evans, from CAFOD's Bolivian office, talks about CAFOD's work in Bolivia

Nikki Evans, from CAFOD’s Bolivian office, talks about CAFOD’s work in Bolivia

 Attendees also heard from Nikki Evans, CAFOD’s programme officer in Bolivia, who shared stories and first hand experiences of people living in extremely high altitudes, for whom the effects of climate change are a daily, dramatic reality.   There were also talks from CAFOD volunteers and staff on topics such as ways to get involved with CAFOD and how CAFOD puts the donations it receives into action.

Lance Lawlor Smith share stories of the St Patrick's Kitchen Garden in Wapping

Lance Lawlor Smith share stories of the St Patrick’s Kitchen Garden in Wapping

Volunteer Lance Lawlor Smith shared the inspiring tale of St Patrick’s RC Church’s fantastic kitchen garden. He told the story of how the small church group got started growing and selling their own organic vegetables to raise money for CAFOD, and explained how other supporters might encourage their parishes to do something similar.

In addition to the various speakers there was a wide range of fun activities such as quizzes and games (with tasty Fairtrade chocolate bars as prizes!) which helped to create a great atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation among the supporters.Thanks again to everyone that came along and made the day such a great event. Whether you’re a new volunteer, or have been supporting CAFOD for years, your hard work and energy are what enable CAFOD to keep helping those in need around the world.

If you are interested in volunteering with CAFOD and want to find out more, get in touch with us!  From visiting schools, working with youth groups, organising events in their parish, taking part in sponsored events in their community and more, volunteers acting on their faith are what drives CAFOD’s work here in England and Wales, and make a tremendous impact in the lives of others overseas. 

CAFOD Westminster is currently looking to recruit new school and youth volunteers to help inspire young people throughout the Westminster Diocese, as well as an office volunteer to help in the CAFOD Westminster office.  For more information on volunteering, as well as an application form, contact CAFOD Westminster by email at westminster@cafod.org.uk or by phone on 0208 449 6970.

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