St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School pupils hold raffle for CAFOD

A big thank you goes out to Maggy and Maya, from St Edmund’s Catholic Primary School in Whitton, who organised a raffle in order to raise money for CAFOD.

One of the girls' hand-made raffle tickets.

One of the girls’ hand-made raffle tickets.

The girls were inspired to organise the event after hearing stories of the work CAFOD and its partners do to make a difference to the lives of people living in poverty around the world. They said:

“[We] have raised £20 for all the people in need. We raised this money by doing a raffle for the people in our class and all the teachers we had six prizes and the cost of one ticket was 20 pence. We made sixty all by hand and with our own design. [We] hope this money can make a difference to people in need.”

Many thanks once again to Maya and Maggy for all of their hard work raising money for CAFOD. The money they raised could be used to pay for a group of live chickens for a family in the developing world who could use the eggs produced as an additional source of food or income.

A raffle is just one of many fun and effective ways to raise money to support CAFOD’s work overseas. If you want some ideas to get you started organising your own event in your parish or school, check out our A-Z of Fundraising on the CAFOD website here.

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