Nativity Run – An Innkeeper’s door shares her experience


Ann Hayes (left) and Shawnee Munro as an Innkeeper and a door.

Ann Hayes (left) and Shawnee Munro as an Innkeeper and a door.

 CAFOD supporter Ann Hayes, of Gower Street, gives her account of taking part in this year’s Nativity Run as part of the team ‘The Winnkeepers’ with her friend, Shawnee Munro:

“Shawnee and I have become a little notorious for dressing up, and were attempting poorly to get fit , so when we found the Nativity Run we knew it was for us! It would combine our considerable dressing up talent with our significantly less considerable running talent, and raise money for CAFOD at the same time. We wanted to raise as much money as possible for CAFOD so, knowing that our friends were students and would need a great incentive to part with their much beloved cash, we decided to go for something a little unusual and outrageous! No Mary in a blue sheet would do. After much difficulty trying to work out how we would run as a camel we settled upon an innkeeper and a door. Although, having ended up as the door, I have no idea why we thought it would be easier to run in a cardboard box!

So, as intrepid runners, and with some training behind us, we set out for Clapham Common on a cold Saturday morning. Knowing CAFOD and our generous friends were relying on us, we costumed up and did some preliminary stretches, and soon we were off! 5km seemed longer than ever before, and we could see dreaded hills in the distance, but we ran, with all those that we could help (and our mascot Mo Farah) in our minds! Crossing the finish line was the best feeling ever! I’ll never claim to be a marathon runner, and I’m not going to admit our time (out of embarrassment) but I was proud of us and what we had achieved for ourselves and for the poorest people across the world. We have raised over £300, a target we never expected to reach, and more of our sneaky friends are still promising to donate – don’t worry, we’ll be on their backs after Christmas!

And so, thinking about it now, I can’t imagine any better way to celebrate Christmas and get into the Christmas spirit than supporting those who need it most, and doing that by running around as a nativity character!”

You can still make a donation through the team’s JustGiving page, which can be found at

If you are interested in raising money for CAFOD by taking part in a fun and energetic sporting event, check out CAFOD’s Sponsored Events webpage by clicking here.

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