Celebrate Christmas the Salvadoran way

With less than a fortnight to go before Christmas you may be beginning to wonder whether you will ever manage to find the right gifts for all your loved ones in time. Well, don’t panic, because CAFOD might be able to help.

Picture by Tony Sheen

A wooden nativity scene, hand-painted by Lázaro Rodriguez and his family in El Salvador.

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift this Christmas, look no further. Each of these wooden nativity scenes is carefully hand-painted by craftsman Lázaro Rodriguez and his family, who live in the small town of La Palma, El Salvador. Lázaro says:

“We work together as a group and have a lot of experience. We paint about 50 pieces a day each, and the money we earn helps us to pay for the basic things we need. I work as a shepherd looking after cattle at night, but now I’m earning more selling crafts as well. The large orders we get from CAFOD are helping us to survive.”

Picture by Sarah Smith-Pearse

Lázaro and his family display their crafts.

Lázaro was taught to paint by his wife, and he and his family are now able to supplement their income by producing a range of crafts. In addition to nativity scenes, they also paint crosses in celebration of the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

“My dream is to buy our own house,” says Lázaro, “This one is only rented and we could be asked to leave at any time. Maybe one day we will get what we long for. We look on the people in England and Wales who buy our crafts as part of our family and we thank you for your support.”

To order your own nativity scene and help support Lázaro and his family, call 0300 011 5680. Each one costs £13.50 and UK orders are subject to a £3.50 postage and packing charge. Alternatively, you can purchase nativity scenes and Romero crosses in person at the CAFOD Westminster office, Catholic Church of Christ the King, 1st floor, 29 Bramley Road, London, N14 4HE.

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