Cubs call for CAFOD

Brown Six with their plastic bag ball.

Brown Six with their plastic bag ball.

A big thank you goes out to the 6th North Watford Cubs who recently invited CAFOD to come and help them achieve their ‘Global Challenge’ badge. CAFOD schools volunteer Angela Edwards, who led the inspiring interactive session, describes the day’s events:

“When the 6th North Watford Cubs needed help for their Global Challenge badge, for which they had to know about the work of an international charity, who better to ask than CAFOD?

I went to their meeting with a special powerpoint and plastic bags full of plastic bags! The Cubs were really interested to see slides of the different ways CAFOD supports developing communities in so many areas of the world. They were aware of problems in our world and pleased to hear that CAFOD is making a difference in so many lives.

I showed the cubs a picture of students from St Columba’s College with young people from the Korogocho sports project in Kenya, which is supported by CAFOD. The students were holding a home-made ball constructed of plastic bags and string. The Cubs were told that this type of ball is made and played with by children just like them who cannot afford a factory-made ball. Luckily, a CAFOD office volunteer had made one earlier, so the Cubs were able to handle it. They were then challenged to work in their sixes to make a similar ball in 5 minutes. Plastic bags, string and rubber bands were given out and the Cubs enthusiastically set to work. The results were impressive. Even after using the balls for a couple of team games, not one unravelled!

Each Cub went home with a recycle for CAFOD envelope, so hopefully CAFOD will receive the proceeds of lots of old mobiles and ink cartridges. The Leaders also found six old mobiles in their store cupboard which will be recycled.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and we look forward to hearing of great success in their Global Challenge badge.”

Thanks once again to the 6th North Watford Cubs for their warm welcome, and to Angela for being such a great representative for CAFOD.

Arranging a CAFOD visit is a great way for people of all ages to learn more about what they can do to make a difference to people living in poverty. If you would like a CAFOD volunteer to visit your school, parish or confirmation group, get in touch with the CAFOD Westminster Office by phone on 0208 449 6970 or by email at

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